Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jewelry - My First Attempt

Like the title says, this is my first attempt at making jewelry.  I saw an ad on Sisters Stuff for temple bracelets and of course I had to have one.  I went to their etsy store to look at them and thought I needed to get one for me, my mom, my sister, maybe even my grandma (who just went through the temple, yay!), and then it started to add up.  So I decided I could probably make them myself.  I have never attempted jewelry before because just walking down the bead aisle at the craft store is intimidating with all the different hardware and things.  Luckily, we had an enrichment activity about jewelry making and I kinda understood what I needed to buy to make these.  So for starters I made one for me, the one along the bottom with pins and bigger beads. The elastic one in the top left is for my mom.  I did hers elastic because she has arthritis, and with smaller beads because that's more her style.  The other one is pink and was just for fun.
I also bought these little organza bags to keep them in in our temple bags.  I can understand now why jewelry making is soo addictive.  It's really fun! I have a feeling this is the first of what will be many more bracelet making projects.


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