Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Family Home Evening Box

At Walmart right now you can get these crates for three dollars.  I saw them and I thought "that would make a perfect family home evening container." So I brought it home and pulled all of my manuels off the bookshelves and my papers out of the filing cabinet and put them in.  It's soo nice to have everything in one spot! I didn't realize I had soo much family home evening resources.  The talk Mothers Teaching Children in the Home (I know I've talked about it before, but it was such a great talk) gave me the idea to copy the lessons that I give in primary and keep them in a folder along with my pages of notes and the visual aids I used.  So that way when Macey and Maddy are older I can pull these lessons out and use 
them again.
Sorry the picture is so dark, my photoshop program is on the frits right now.  But anyways, doing this gives me more motivation to read every scripture associated with the lesson and to put more effort into the visual aids because I can use them again for a family home evening lesson in the future.  Right now they're to young to understand the Samson and Delilah lesson or the Ruth and Naomi lesson.  I'm pretty sure the lesson I gave Monday night on Obeying your Parents from the nursey manuel didn't quite sink in.  Oh well, I'll just keep trying I guess. :-) 

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