Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stroller Blanket Dimensions

Alright, so here is the dimensions of the stroller blanket for those people that were interested in making their own.  The finished size is 15 inches by 25 inches long.  The straps are 8 inches by 1 inch (finished).  So if your using solid fabric you would cut it at 15.5 inches by 25.5 inches and use fourth inch seams.  If you want to make the top patchwork style with squares instead of a solid piece of fabric you would need 15 squares 5.5 x 5.5 inches.  Once you get your straps sewn together and turned right side out all you do is sew button holes at the end of the strap and then sew your buttons on the top of the blanket and your all set.  I hope that makes sense.  It's just a simple blanket with straps sewn at the top.  But if anyone needs more info I would be happy to go into more detail.

When I was shopping at Walmart this morning I happened to walk past the fabric section and noticed they had over 100 bolts of brand new flannel in stock.  I almost never buy fabric at Walmart unless its a fabric emergency, but look how cute this lady bug fabric is!  I'm going to make a purple blankie for Maddy and a pink blankie for Macey.  I'm thinking of doing mini denim blankets for the girls . . . but we'll see, sometimes I change my mind.

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  1. that fabric is most def cute! I happen to <3 walmart for fabric but that is mainly because I dont have to drive 45 minutes to get to it :P Ah the perils of small town life.


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