Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Freezer Meals

My freezer is all packed with meals, and I'm ready for this baby to come! My mom came over and we made my mama's Lasagna, Grandmas Green Chilli Burros (which Justin has already eaten half of), and Chicken Penne.  I even got around to getting my bag packed and ready to go. Don't worry, I remembered to pack my Ipod.  I wouldn't want to come home to a torn apart kitchen.  Did anyone else see The Office? It was hilarious!  Anyways, hopefully my next post will be a picture of my baby!


  1. that is such a great idea! We didn't do that when we had my first daughter and REALLY wished we had, so we are definitely stocking up on meals this time around. Best of luck to you for a healthy and safe delivery :)

  2. yes we saw the office!!!! lol.. good luck with your delivery!!!


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