Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Picky Eater

My little Macey is the pickiest eater I have ever seen! Some days, if I would let her, I swear she could live off of nothing but chocolate milk and goldfish crackers.  I have been looking all over the internet for a solution to this little problem and have tried a lot of different things.  I have tried the "you can't get down until you try one bite." I have tried the "if you eat this then you can have your chocolate milk." I have tried everything! It usually ends up with a crying two year old and a frustrated mom.  Then I came across this idea where you put a variety of different foods in a muffin tin.  Some of the foods are ones you know your toddler will eat and some are new things you want them to try.  The idea is to keep it fun and colorful.  This has worked soo good at our house.  She will try the new foods because I'm not standing over her making her take a bite of it.  I usually use one of the cups for ranch dressing or some kind of dipping sauce, and we all know toddlers looove to dip food.  It does take a little more effort to make a muffin tin lunch or dinner, but it's well worth it.  I hope this helps some other mom out! 


  1. Good for you. I never gave as much of an effort and... my 11-year-old could live off of chicken nuggets... and sometimes it's all she gets. We still offer other things... but it's tough to get her to eat.

  2. that is such a good idea! thank you for posting this for my picky eaters too!

  3. great tip - my husband was a super picky eater as a kid - he didn't learn to eat chicken, hamburger, pizza, etc. until his mission.
    So I pray that our son doesn't turn out like that, but if he does I'll give this a try!

    Thanks for following me at Crafty Mommy Diva!

  4. Love this idea! I am going to try this for lunch tomorrow.


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