Monday, April 12, 2010

Registration and Insurance Card Organizer Tutorial

The other day Justin noticed that the auto insurance card was not in the jockey box (or glove compartment, whatever ya want to call it.)  I know I put it in there, but my guess is that it got thrown out with the In-N-Out napkins.  So I had the insurance guy print up some new ones and came up with a solution to make sure it doesn't get misplaced again.  I made these little auto info organizers for the vehicles.  So, if ya like my idea and want to make some for your vehicles, here's how I made them.
Your going to need:
- (2) 9.5 inches squares of fabric
-(1) 9.5 inch square of heavy fusible fabric
- Extra wide double fold bias tape
- 4 x 9.5 inches of clear vinyl (you get this on those big rolls by the tablecloths you can buy by the yard)
First you take you piece of vinyl and sew a strip of binding tape along the top.  You don't need to fold the ends under because it will be hidden at the end.
Iron your fusible fabric to the backside of one of your fabric squares.
Now your going to put your layers together.  First put your piece of fabric with that you just ironed right side down, then your other piece of fabric right side up on top of that.  Then take your vinyl pocket strip and put that along the bottom.
Sew right down the center. 

Put your binding around the edges, and your done! Rinse and repeat for as many vehicles as you have. It's super easy to make and could save ya a ton of stress if you were to ever get pulled over (heaven forbid!).

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  1. That is great! I'm definitely making this. Things get lost in my glove compartment. Thanks!

  2. Hi Mariesa! Looks like you are back in the saddle again! How's the new baby? This is a great idea!! I wanna make one...NOW! Cute!

    Wow, it's been a while..I forgot how much I love the sunshiny look of your blog. So pretty!

  3. Thanks for the turtial. This would make it easier to store and find our information in the car!


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