Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Teaching My Girls

We've always done some sort of family home evening on Monday nights, but it usually involves DOING something rather than LEARNING about something because of Maceys short attention span.  Last Sunday in church the talk, Mothers Teaching Children in the Home was retold and it reminded me that it is MY responsibility to teach my girls.  I knew that before but for some reason the way the talk was told it really hit me.  So from here on out I plan on preparing a spiritual lesson for our family home evenings and maybe once a month doing a fun activity.  These pictures are from last night.  Macey loved the visual aids and loved learning a new primary song.  I really need to be focusing more on teaching her and less on my projects.  The lesson I gave was on loving our families and is in the Nursery Manuel "Behold Your Little Ones."  This website has a whole section of flannel board stories that look really fun, but Macey is still a little to young for those right now.  I can't wait to try them in the future though. 

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