Sunday, May 2, 2010

Camping Stools - Girl Style

My dad gave me these old camping stools.  You're jealous, I know. So I girlied them up with the girliest canvas I could find at Joanns.  I should have taken a picture of me sewing the fabric onto the frames.  It was pretty darn tricky! I sewed a pocket on the side of one of the stools for Maceys' "treasures."  I was thinking it will be the perfect place for 'smores supplies or a nature notebook or something like that, but I'm sure she will just put "pwitty wocks" and things in it.  And of course, AFTER I sewed the fabric to the frame I realized I probably should have spray painted the metal white.  That would've looked way cute.  Oh well, Macey likes it, and maybe in a few years Maddy will like her stool too. 

Who says camping equipment has to be manly looking?

1 comment:

  1. THESE ARE GREAT! oh my goodness!!!! incredible job! makes me want to go find an old set of camping chairs....


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