Saturday, May 29, 2010

Denim Quilt Progress and a Wipey Case Cover

Since Monday all I have got done on my denim quilt is to cut out the squares.  What really took forever was cutting the denim into squares.  The batting and flannel was a piece of cake. 

The clothespins are clipped onto units of 10.  It makes it soo much easier to keep track of where I'm at when cutting up the fabric. Don't be fooled though, I really have no clue how this blanket is going to come together.  I'm just winging it.

Since Maddy was born I have lost wipes cases like crazy.  Up until yesterday I have been carrying around a full size wipes box in the diaper bag because I lost my last one.  So when I went to Walmart yesterday and bought another wipes case I thought I would do the "popular" thing and hot glue batting and fabric onto it, maybe that way I will keep track of it better.  Ok, maybe the logic isn't all there, but it's worth a shot. Only problem is I put a little too much hot glue onto the part where it hinges open, so it only opens at a 45 degree angle.  Whoops.


  1. I LOVE your blog! Just thought you should know. I just made a dress with the same fabric you used for the wipes it.

  2. i am making a denim quilt too, i just haven't picked out my flannel yet. please post pics i would love to see how yours is coming along. this is my first. is yours a rag quilt? that is what i was planning to make. i love your blog.


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