Monday, May 10, 2010

Dish Mat Tutorial

Oh how I love to make these dish mats! This is my last post about them, I promise! This is a simplified version of the dish mat tutorial on Fly Through Our Window.  When I looked at the dimensions of her mat it was HUGE! I guess you would want a big one if you are doing all your dishes by hand, but I just want a smaller one to put sippy cups on after they get out of the dishwasher. 
So, step number one: cut a piece of terry cloth 21"x16"
Cut three strips of fabric 5.5"x16
 Cut two strips of coorinating fabric 3.5"x16
Sew it all together.
Iron your seams so the the two smaller pieces are pressed towards the three larger pieces.  This makes it look like they are inset. Next you are going to put the right side of your pieced fabric to the right side of your terry cloth and with a half inch seam sew around the edge.  Be sure and leave an opening big enough to pull it right side out. Pull it right side out and then hand stich the small opening shut.
Now your are going to topstich with a triple stich (I'm soo happy my new sewing machine does a triple stich!!) a fourth inch seam on your three larger panels.  You can do a regular stich, but the triple stich gives it a little more substance.  Once you do those six lines you are going to do a half inch top stich around the edge of the mat to give it a more finished look.  And your done! Soo easy and way cuter than an old dish towel on the side of your sink!

I had the best Mothers Day yesterday! I love being a mom to my two little girls! I hope everyone else had a wonderful Mothers Day as well!

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  1. Super cute! Haven't heard of dish mats before, but can't wait to make one! Thanks for sharing your tutorial :)

  2. That is cute and a great idea! Love the pictures of your two girls and I am glad you had a great Mother's Day. You deserve it!

  3. Great tutorial! I'm not lucky enough to have a dishwasher...I'm going to have to make myself one of these!!

  4. Mariesa, that is a great tutorial! I need one of those and would love to have a cute one...instead of using an old towel! Thanks!

    PS. The kids look darling!



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