Tuesday, May 11, 2010

'Smores - With an Extra Chocolaty Twist

I got this idea from a Family Fun magazine while waiting for one of our many doctor check-ups.  So, first you roast the 'mallow.  I can't say that without thinking of The Sandlot.  Anybody else love that movie? You're killing me smalls.  Ok, back to the 'smores.   After you roast the marshmellow you dip it in the chocolate syrup.  Mmmmm.  Then you dip it in the crushed up graham crackers.
 Oooh chocolatey! Then you put it on a graham cracker square, top it with Hershey chocolate bars and put another cracker square on top of that. 

Oooey, gooey and soo delicious! I ate more of these than I would care to admit.

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  1. Hi Mariesa! I was so pleased to see your comment and glad you stopped by while I was on my trip. :o)

    If you read today's post, you will know that I will have to skip this delicious recipe idea! But I will be happy to forward it to my kids who are young enough to indulge. We love smores when camping is this sounds great!

    This sounds like something the kids would love to make for a movie night!


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