Friday, May 7, 2010

Dish Soap & Drying Mat

I love putting dish soap in an olive oil bottle.  It makes the kitchen sink look a lot prettier than it would having a plastic bottle sitting there.  My little sister was over here last week and thought it was such a cute idea.  So when I was racking my brains trying to figure out what to get her for a college graduation present I remembered that she loved my olive oil dish soap dispenser.  I know your thinking that that's a lame present to give for a graduation, but I know my sister will love it.  Her husband does all the cooking and she does the dishes so I also made her a girly dish drying mat.  I'm thinking maybe next week I'll do a tutorial on the dish mat if anyone is interested. They are super easy and look soo much cuter than putting a dish towel on the counter top.  I need to make a few more for me and for my mom.  I promised to make her one months ago and I still haven't done it yet.
Soo cute!

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  1. I'm interested! Right now I have a towel that lays across the counter top 24/7 there is always dishes that have to be washed and dried.

    I love the colors. I'm going to have to look at my local GW for an oil bottle to use because right now I have the ugly plastic bottle.

  2. This is super cute! I love it! I'd love for you to link up at sundae scoop.

  3. Oma-garsh! I don't think it's silly! I use the exact same bottle in my kitchen for my dish soap, too! And what a lovely, thoughtful gift!

  4. Love it! Super cute & girly! Great idea about the olive oil dispenser!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Awesome gift idea!

  6. I heard your name and saw your $5 craft challenge on Studio 5! Super cute idea! I love that show. I record it and watch it when I have time. I wondered if you watched it too, because of some of the blogs you have listed are some that have been featured on the show.


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