Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mastering My Machine

That's the name of the sewing machine class I am taking.  After I bought my machine the lady at the store said that they offer free classes on how to use your machine.  I signed up thinking that since I bought a more basic model that I wouldn't really have that much to learn and that the class was probably for the more fancy models.  Boy was I wrong!  Yesterday was class number two out of seven and I have already learned so much more than what I could have ever learned on my own.  In the class it's mostly more "mature" women with machines that cost more than my car.  But there is one other girl that is about the same age as me and she has a machine that's close to my model. The older women in the class just upgraded their machines and it is their first time taking a Bernina class.  They have commented more than once that they wish they would have taken this class when they bought their first Berninas, they didn't know they could do so much.  So the way the class works is we get a workbook at the beginning of each class and a glue stick.  As we go through the book the teacher hands out the squares of material that we will need for each page. 

This is one of my favorite ones so far. We learned how to sew a stretchy seam on knit fabric with a special stich that the machine does.

This is another one of my favorites.  We learned how to make a shelled edge of tricot fabric. The same presser foot that makes the shelled edge on slippery fabric can also do a rolled hem on cotton.  How cool is that? I know!
This is my favorite presser foot! It has a bar the guides the fabric on the right so you line the fabric up on the inside of it and you get a perfect 1/4th inch seam every time.  My machine also does a quilters backstich  which really isn't a backstich, it's 6 tiny little close together stiches, so that there isn't bulk in the seam when you press it open. The machine does soo many cool and useful things that my old one didn't.  I am loving taking this class!

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